International Deaf Chanukah Celebration in Israel - Dec 12

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International Deaf Chanukah Celebration in Israel - Dec 12

Jewish Deaf Foundation went through a transformation according to announcement by deaf Rabbi Yeshoshua Soudakoff who now resides in Tel Aviv, Israel: "A new door was opened - a door that includes thousands more of Jewish Deaf people living in our Holy Land. In the past year, the Jewish Deaf Foundation has built up many new connections with the local community, forming partnerships with Agudat Hachereshim B'Yisrael - the Israeli Association of the Deaf, and the Deaf Club in Rishon Lezion.

We [Jewish Deaf Multimedia] are gearing up for the biggest Jewish Deaf event in the world - in Rishon Lezion, on the first night of Chanukah. We're getting ready for 1,000 participants as we launch the Holiday of Lights with the first candle lighting! If you will be in Israel then, join us!

International Deaf Chanukah Celebration in Israel - Dec 12

Click to visit the International Deaf Chanukah Celebration website (available in Hebrew only).

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The event will be held at Muscat Events Center in Rishon LeTsiyon on Tuesday, 12 December 2017, starting 18:00.

Meat buffet and salads will be provided and there will be a Children’s menu. Catering is kosher under supervision of Rabbi Mahfoud. Chava Savir, an Israeli deaf educator for over 50 years as guest of honor will light the opening candle. Adis Tsafa Sibat, comedian and actor will guide the entire program which also includes a one-hour performance by John Maucere, an America deaf actor.

According to English translation of event flyer from Hebrew: "In light of the extraordinary success of our events throughout the United States, especially at New York's New York Day, which has attracted more than 300 deaf Jews, which is the largest event of deaf Jews on the American continent, we are thrilled to ride this success on our way to our country on the other side of the world. We are proud to present you with an event full of meaningful content, designed to ensure that our guests are given renewed understanding of their identity as a deaf Jew in the State of Israel."

"We welcome all of them regardless of race and commission and at all ages. The event is translated into spoken Hebrew as well as Russian sign language and translation.

1,000 participants will arrive. Would you be one of them?"

International Deaf Chanukah Celebration website -

Source: The Jewish Deaf Foundation