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ISSUE NO. 187 -  TEVAT - SHEVAT 5778 -  JANUARY 2018

About the Jewish Deaf Congress conference

About the Jewish Deaf Congress conference

Greetings everyone,

The JDC ad hoc committee on JDC future, priorities and operations was established during the JDC conference last week. Here is our first report to our members, FB followers and friends.

Jewish Deaf Congress
Status Report, August 2017
The Jewish Deaf Congress convened in Rockville, Maryland August 13-15, 2017. The conference rocked with quality. The attendance was about 120 participants, including five (5) Deaf rabbis. The program was intense, educational, entertaining and enjoyable for all. The participants gave a waving applause to JDC President, Jeff Buxbaum and the JDC board members, and to the host, Washington Society of Jewish Deaf, and the WSJD president, Jeff Cohen and the WSJD board members for carrying JDC successfully forward to and through the conference. The evening programs were fabulous, including daily breakfasts, a lunch, a Scotch and Chocolate reception, two banquets, art auctions and lively entertainment. All JDC meals were kosher.

The conference theme was “Chicken Soup for the Jewish Deaf Soul: Looking Back, Looking Forward.” Please visit the JDC page on Facebook to see some conference photos. Many innovative ideas for JDC’s future were discussed. The membership passed motions to 1) suspend the JDC bylaws relative to officer elections and 2) establish an ad hoc committee to develop transition plans, priorities and strategies to ensure a vibrant and strong JDC, within the next few months. The JDC executive officers will serve as consultants to the ad hoc committee and the JDC treasurer will continue her duties, to ensure a smooth transition. The ad hoc transition committee consists of 15 volunteers from 8 states and Canada, and is co-chaired by Lance Fischer and Roz Rosen. The transition committee welcomes your ideas to strengthen JDC and to enhance JDC stability while growing its programs, affiliates and memberships. The ad hoc committee will keep you posted periodically via Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/JewishDeafCongress/
JDC intends, like its conference theme, to look forward to a positive future.

JDC Ad hoc Transition Committee, 2017
JDC Officers/Consultants: Jeff Buxbaum & Jeff Cohen
JDC Treasurer: Vicki Lowen
Ad hoc Committee Chairs: Lance Fischer & Roz Rosen

About the Jewish Deaf Congress conference

Members of the ad hoc committee (Their states indicated in parenthesis, otherwise from MD/DC/VA)
Standing: Elliott Richman (Canada, N.S.) Scott Vinegar (TX), Jeff Dunefsky, Lloyd Shikin (NY) Ellen Roth, Marla Berkowitz (OH), Iris Mars, Mitchell Siegel (AZ), Tracey Rattner
Sitting: Lance Fischer (FL), Roz Rosen, Steve Brenner, Vicki Lowen, Jeff Buxbaum
Absent: Jeff Cohen
Photo credit: Steve Brenner

Source: Jewish Deaf Congress Facebook

This Month's Video

Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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